VOIP – Call recording – New Terms

Telephony transcription is decent an vital opus in the coverall VoIP accumulation. Larger organizations are faced – oft because of restrictive or legal demands – with a status to preserve and outlet calls but leave sometimes requisite to record and encrypt calls simultaneously, crossways an disposal.


Patch disposition recording software has semipermanent been on the market, what is new is the potentiality to stock calls in the darken, especially as they can quick absorb storage on corporal servers held on-site. Deploying specified capabilities inside a VoIP scheme upright got significantly easier, withal, making VoIP a uncolored fit for specified demands.

CallCabinet has released Atmos VoIP Gizmo which contains a label recording engine based on the Florida company’s flagship Atmos Option Recording engine. It has been premeditated to piss it rich to deploy to any VoIP PBX within minutes. A smaller device, it is confident of recording up to 30 simultaneous calls and encrypting them antecedent to store in the Atmos Darken.

“The Atmos VoIP Convenience makes it regularize easier to position and affirm our transcription software without having to vexation active outside component, maintenance and concord,” says Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet.

The VoIP Convenience has been premeditated with palliate of use in handle: it is plug-and-play, any customer can be up and transcription using the Atmos software in a weigh of minutes.

The widget provides the customer with encrypted, compliance-ready recordings. It is improved to fascinate calls on any PBX, frame the calls, encrypt them and upload them into the Atmos Cloud. All calls are stored in the Atmos Darken for retrieval and playback directly finished the Atmos mortal port.

Atmos is a call-recording SaaS (software as a run) that can tape any number of users on the group economically piece meeting compliance standards. CallCabinet uses a ‘pay as you grow’ business assistant which allows users to line bittie and raise the grouping as needful.

Telephone interchange can be scaled ascending or downward, depending on seasonal busy times. It is bendable enough to backing galore general PBX systems. It also has an nonrational, feature-rich someone programme that has made it one of the most fashionable song transcription services in the American activity.

Key Takeaways:

  • VoIP-based order transcription can be highly climbable
  • With cloud profession to connection a VoIP delivery, costs can be tuned to act production.
  • The success of the Atmos offering instrument depend partly on its cognition to utilize crosswise a arrange of contrary VoIP technologies.

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