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get dog groomed and ready for summer fun

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But she has attracted a devoted cadre of grassroots volunteers

Pennsylvania Redistricting Leads To Bad Blood Among Some Democrats Forced To Shuffle Electoral Plans

Democrats rejoiced last month when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court redrew the state’s congressional districts, ruling that the GOP had gerrymandered the map unconstitutionally. The court’s move made Democrats competitive in several more districts than they would have been under the Republican plan.

canada goose coats But it also transformed Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District from one where Democrats had a shot at winning to one that looks like it will stay solidly red. Democrat Christina Hartman, an establishment favorite running there, announced Wednesday that she would be withdrawing from that race and running in the adjacent 10th District instead. canada goose coats

canada goose deals Her move potentially sets up a fight between Hartman, a well funded candidate with big endorsements, and several candidates who put in months of grunt work before the 10th District Canada Goose Jackets Canada Goose Outlet race became competitive enough to attract national attention. canada goose deals

canada goose One of the contenders is Shavonnia Corbin Johnson, a 26 year old African American woman and former congressional aide who served in President Barack canada goose black friday sale Obama’s administration as a budget adviser. Corbin Johnson, a staunch progressive who has campaigned in relative obscurity for six months, has little campaign cash and few national endorsements to show for her efforts. But she has attracted a devoted cadre of grassroots volunteers. canada goose

canada goose clearance “Her being a minority canada goose female has really inspired a lot of strong women,” said Torry Tyler Bragg, a community activist of Native American descent who is based in York, Pennsylvania. canada goose clearance

The call rubbed Corbin Johnson and her campaign the wrong way, illustrating a growing rift in Democratic primaries. On several occasions in this election cycle, local activists and the candidates they support have bristled at the machinations of well funded candidates and their canada goose coats establishment backers.

In the call, Hartman noted that it would take enormous resources to unseat the incumbent, Rep. Scott Perry (R). She then assured Corbin Johnson, who has struggled to raise funds, that she would be welcome “on her team” if Hartman wins the nomination.

Corbin Johnson and her canadian goose jacket team interpreted Hartman’s call as, essentially, a proposal to Corbin Johnson that if she dropped out, she could get a job on Hartman’s campaign.

canada goose black friday sale Corbin Johnson, who was born in York and raised there by foster parents, took umbrage at the notion that an outsider could swoop canada goose store into the race and presume to have it locked up by virtue of her financial resources. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Hartman “wants a clean shot at the primary, and was hoping that she could patronize her way to victory,” said Ezra Kane Salafia, a spokesman for Corbin Johnson’s campaign. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats on sale The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has not endorsed Hartman, but her previous bid in the Lancaster area district had the backing of virtually every prominent Pennsylvania Democrat, including former Gov. Ed Rendell. uk canada goose Hartman won those high profile endorsements despite underperforming Hillary Clinton in the district in 2016 with similarly robust backing and financial resources. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka For Collective PAC, a group that supports black political candidates, Hartman’s alleged conduct illustrates a tendency of Democratic leaders to resist diverse candidates based on outdated notions of general election viability. The PAC has already cheap canada goose uk taken the DCCC to task for thus far failing to endorse any Canada Goose Coats On Sale black House candidates as part of its “Red to Blue” program targeting GOP held districts. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose sale “There are systemic and institutional challenges women of color face when running for Congress, and right now the Democratic establishment is not committed to addressing this inequity,” said Quentin James, canada goose clearance sale a spokesman for Collective PAC. Canada Goose sale

The primary in Pennsylvania’s 10th is not the only contest where friction between establishment and insurgent Democrats has overlapped with a perception of insensitivity toward black candidates.

buy canada goose jacket The Washington Post reported Canada Goose Parka Friday that the DCCC met with local Democratic Party officials in Pennsylvania about encouraging progressive candidates to drop out of a race in an Allentown district that new borders have made more buy canada goose jacket cheap attainable for Democrats. One of those candidates,Greg Edwards, a progressive black pastor, told the Post he felt unfairly singled out for removal as the contest’s only candidate of color. The DCCC told the Post it had similar conversations about several candidates in Pennsylvania besides Edwards. buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap Hartman, for her part, says her call wasn’t meant to convey to Corbin Johnson that she should leave the race. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets “Christina unicorndesigns meant to relay that should she become the nominee, she would work to earn Shavonnia’s support,” said Hartman campaign spokesman Mike Wilson. “Should Shavonnia become the nominee, Christina would work her heart out to ensure canada goose uk outlet Shavonnia goes to Congress. That’s all.” Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store Hartman also says she made the call because she wanted to express gratitude to Corbin Johnson for sharing voter data after the state Supreme Court ruling moved some of her voters into what was then Hartman’s district. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose To Corbin Johnson and her staff, though, Hartman’s appreciation doesn’t mitigate what Corbin Johnson sees as the insulting nature of the call. For example, Hartman did not wish Corbin Johnson luck or otherwise imply that the contest remains competitive, according to Kane Salafia. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet “When a new candidate from outside the district contacts Shavonnia on the day that she announces insinuating that Christina is the presumptive winner or canada goose uk shop that Shavonnia should end her months long campaign to join team Hartman, it is difficult to see how that Canada Goose sale is anything but directly disrespectful,” Kane Salafia said. Canada Goose Outlet

While Hartman is not legally required to move to the 10th District in order to run there, her campaign said she plans to settle on a new home there in the coming days. Army officer, is running on a more moderate platform. And Alan Howe, a retired career Air Force officer, promises to fight buy canada goose jacket to end the war on drugs, which he regards as a “hopeless failure.”

canadian goose jacket On Wednesday, public health scientist Eric Ding also announced his entry in the race. canadian goose jacket

With the addition of previously excluded parts of Harrisburg, as well as Hershey and Carlisle, Pennsylvania’s 10th District is more favorable terrain for Canada Goose Online a Democrat than its predecessor, Pennsylvania’s 4th.

canada goose clearance sale But it remains an uphill battle for the party, particularly against Perry, the three term GOP incumbent. Donald Trump won in the old 4th District by 21 percentage points, but he would have won canada goose coats on sale in the new 10th by 9 points, according to a New York Times analysis. And the district’s partisan voter index went from R+11 to R+6, according to theCook Political Report, whichcompiles the figure to show how a cheap Canada Goose district voted in the presidential election compared canada goose uk black friday to the country as a whole canada goose clearance sale.

So, it had been contained by the water but it was going pretty

The canada goose outlet vip longsword’s most lethal attack, however is the thrust. As armorers improved the quality of the armor, it became increasingly difficult to penetrate with traditional weapons. Therefore thrusting became one of the principle offensive techniques taught and used in these situations.

Canada Goose online Day and night, when she wasn running and playing, she was laying in a quiet corner, under the dining room canada goose outlet online table, or next to the bed, just licking and licking. She obsessed about canada goose outlet legit one particular oval, grey, raised, bald spot on the top of her left forearm. Over the years, that spot grew thicker and bigger. Canada Goose online

canada goose store canada goose outlet woodbury A favorite in our house are cupcake recipes kids can make and decorate. It’s always fun to add their own designs and touches to their creations. buy canada goose uk It’s always a great moment to see the pride in the faces of your children when they are done!. The easiest way to begin is by using pre made fondant. Simply place canada goose sale uk enough pre made fondant on a clean smooth work surface, like a countertop, and roll it out with canada goose outlet orlando a rolling pin. You just need to make sure it is large enough to cover the cake in one application. canada goose store

canada goose clearance Been fortunate the one yesterday [Thursday] in Lakeview was on an island. So, it had been contained by the water but it was going pretty good when canada goose outlet official we got there, he said. Are canada goose kensington parka uk a number of provincial and private campgrounds within the municipality. Bus and coach hire canada goose outlet factory firms have well established connections with each other throughout the communication and transportation sector. This indicates they are reachable anytime canada goose outlet store montreal in case of emergency. Coach bus rentals Hamilton will offer different costs. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket Looking at his diet, I have decided that tzi canada goose uk site was a wondering Ute Indian. I should know. I was born in Utah. Fiber supplements add bulk to your diet, which can help you go. They come in all kinds of forms including pills, powder, and chewable tablets. Your doctor may recommend one of these:Stool softeners draw water from your intestines into your stool. canadian canada unicorndesigns goose outlet uk goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket The specific standards for the capitalization threshold as of 2012 have yet to be resolved under the new guidelines. Internal Revenue Service: Internal Revenue Manual Property and Equipment AccountingUniversity of California Office of the President: Capitalization of Property, Plant and canada goose outlet uk sale EquipmentPopular Government; Managing canada goose outlet mississauga and Accounting for Fixed Assets; William C. Her articles have appeared in publications for Oxford and Harvard University presses and research publishers, including Facts canada goose outlet toronto factory On File and ABC CLIO. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Alex Jones is PREGNANT: The One Show host confirms she’s expecting a baby with husband Charlie ThompsonThe BBC presenter, 39, admitted she didn’t realise her age could cause fertility problemsGet celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUPDATE: Alex Jones has canada goose outlet in montreal announced the birth of her baby boy!The One Show host Alex Jones has confirmed she’s expecting a baby with husband Charlie Thompson.Just months after admitting her fears that she may not be able to have more canada goose outlet montreal children, the star shared the exciting news today, revealing they both feel “so lucky”.She wrote: “Charlie I are very happy to confirm that we’re expecting a baby in the new year. Feel so lucky that we’re about to become parents. Xx.”Moments later, fans and fellow stars flooded the social media site with congratulations messages, with Michael Ball leading them all as she wrote: “Thrilled official canada goose outlet to bits for you both lovely girl. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose For this salad, take the kale and wash and shake dry the leaves. Remove the leaves from the stalks and rip them into bite sized pieces. For this salad, I think that hand ripping the leaves adds another dimension to the final product. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Don’t forget that M is just an upside down W. And always remember to say “thank you.”. canada goose

Canada Goose Parka It’s no coincidence that M use male models David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire to front their campaigns. “Think short to extra long lengths, chest sizes from 34” to a 54′ and the ability canada goose outlet hong kong to mix and match different suit and trouser sizes. We also offer the same items in different fits so you can find something that really suits you. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet RV Road trips are a great fit for people who like to travel a lot. RV Travelers enjoy the freedom that comes with being behind the wheel of an RV en route to an canada goose outlet in uk exciting road destination. This is an especially good fit for canada goose outlet locations in toronto spontaneous people. Third Rail is the story of Narcotics Detective Eddie Harkins whose talent for reading a crime scene fuels his meteoric rise within the department he is blamed for a civilian death on a case he working. He thrown out. This could be the end of his career until he receives a lifeline from a friend in another city. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats Set different tracks before the children arrive in Los Angeles prom limo. You can hide different objects or look different elements within the enclosure. Include a mix of easy to find items and darker elements. On the 19th anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School, thousands of students around the country participated in the National School Walkout an initiative launched after canada goose jacket outlet Parkland by a teenager who lived 20 miles Canada Goose Outlet from Sandy Hook Elementary School. One of this year school shootings occurred on the same day, when a 17 year old student at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida, was shot and injured on campus by a gunman. The school was then evacuated and the district went into lockdown.. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale His sister Carol Knapp and brother in law Bobby of Ninevah; sister Mary Kehoe of Valley Cottage and many nieces, nephews, friends and his cat Sebatian. He is predeceased by his parents Allen Jeanette Murdock. Andy, as he was known by so canada goose outlet 2015 many was canada goose outlet england an avid Fisherman and Hunter who loved the outdoors and relished every opportunity to spend time in the woods or near a body of water Canada Goose sale.

The only reason I would put in a LB is if the high quality

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Unfortunately, while researching the subject, they found that

Morgan County’s Mischievous times

“Some moonshine bit th dust when this still, reportedly one of the largest in the state and located near Fort Morgan, was raided by city and county officials in about 1932,” read the caption for this historic picture reprinted in recent years in the canada goose uk shop Fort Morgan Times. Anderson Jr., Barron Beshoar, Rufus canada goose uk black friday ‘Cap’ Johnston and Jimmy Scanlon. Johnston was sheriff, and Howard Anderson, who was a deputy and sheriff and later justice of the peace, claimed to be the second white boy born in what was to become Morgan County. His sister, Annetta, canadian goose jacket 2 1/2 years older than he, was the first white girl born in this area.” (/ Fort Morgan Times file photo)

buy canada goose jacket “Some moonshine bit th dust when this still, reportedly one of the largest in the state Canada Goose sale and located near Fort Morgan, was raided by city and county officials in about 1932,” read the caption for this historic picture reprinted in recent years in the Fort Morgan Times. Anderson Jr., Barron Beshoar, Rufus ‘Cap’ Johnston and Jimmy Scanlon. Johnston was sheriff, and Howard Anderson, who was a deputy and sheriff and later justice of the peace, claimed to be the second white boy born in what was to become Morgan County. His sister, Annetta, 2 1/2 years older than he, was the first white girl born in this area.” buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Feb 19:Portraits of the Past: Extra, extra! Read all about it!Jan 24:Portraits of the Past: Selling snake oil as ‘patent medicine’Oct 31:Portraits of cheap Canada Goose the Past: Morgan County has some ghostly legendsOct 10:Portraits of the Past: Murder in Morgan buy canada goose jacket CountySep 14:Portraits of the Past: A look at early health care Canada Goose Jackets in Fort MorganAug 6:Portraits of the Past Greasewood oil canada goose uk outlet boom: Canada Goose UK Big hopes, big fallJul 9:Portraits of the Past: How Fort Morgan became ‘The City of Lights’Jun 15:Portraits of the Past: Brush Rodeo has long historyMay 8:Portraits of the uk canada goose Past: Morgan County’s one room schoolsApr 17:Portraits of the Past: Locals with Hungarian roots made long term homes buy canada goose jacket cheap in Morgan CountyMar 14:Portraits of the Past: Howard’s CastleFeb 13:Portraits of the Past: Fred Ostwald’s immigration storyJan 16:Portraits of the Past: Migrant roots now planted deepDec 18:Portraits of the Past: Morgan County has history of changing Christmas traditionsNov 14:Portraits of the Past: Morgan County had Colorado’s only 2 story sod houseOct 10:Portraits of the Past: Great Western Sugar Co. Unfortunately, while researching the subject, they found that there have been so many such incidents that it would take at least two articles to cover all the historical lawlessness in this area. The Oct. 10 article covered murder. This month’s story covers some of the area’s incidents of mayhem and mischief. canada goose

Canada Goose Parka Learning the unvarnished history of an area often reveals a change in community opinions, especially about the actions that constitute mayhem and mischief. Canada Goose Parka

This becomes particularly evident when reading some of the comments within stories in old issues of the Fort Morgan Times.

canada goose coats Short takes canada goose coats

In some articles from the city’s early days, it’s hard to see a difference between fact and opinion, between news and editorial comment. This is especially apparent in some of the “Brief Quips” printed between 1885 and 1890.

canada goose black friday sale “Complaint is made that cow punchers in their late roundup dug up half a mile of posts, out of the fences, southeast of town, and used them for fire wood. The people are getting tired of these continued acts of lawlessness on the part of the cattlemen.” Sept.23, 1887.”The watermelon thief has continued to get in his work for this season. This class of people is of two species the one who is too lazy to grow fruit for his own use, and the other who is a thief by instinct. A more contemptible creature is hard to find than one who wantonly destroys, because he can. canada goose coats If the pilferings that are being done are the work of young boys, their parents had best attend to them and avoid trouble; if by older thieves, a shot gun is too good for them.” Aug. 1895 canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet “It is reported that beer is to be on tap again about town before long. canada goose black friday sale A proven case of the sale of liquor forfeits the property, according to all town deeds, and one such case would have a good effect. A law and order league is what we need who will prosecute all cases, and some such a formation will be instituted.” Feb. 21, 1890. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale “We Canada Goose Outlet don’t like to see Denver ministers rake in the shekels for typing the matrimonial knot so long as we have two justices of the peace elected for that purpose, even anxious to marry. Patronize home institutions.” June 11, 1895. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets In 1888, the Times complained that “some of the unsalted youths of the town annoy and frighten train passengers by tapping on the car windows. If some of the train officials would now and then ‘paste’ one of the would be smart alecks, it might take a little of that inherent freshness out of them. It is a very ungentlemanly thing to do, and a stop should be put Canada Goose Online to it.” Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose online However the uk canada goose outlet Times also reported real mayhem, not just perceived problems. Canada Goose online

canada goose store In canada goose store 1908, burglars, thought to be a man and a woman, from the size of their footprints, pried open a window of the Ambrose Lumber Co. The safe was open, just bolted; however, the burglars, canada goose clearance in trying to open the safe, closed it. They robbed the cash drawer of $3 and change. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose In 1888, Walter Glenn was assaulted in his home by four masked intruders, who beat him severely, breaking two ribs. He recognized the intruders as members of his family with whom he had quarreled. Glenn pressed charges against the four, all of whom denied complicity in the attack and attempted to prove an alibi. They were bound over before a grand jury. cheap Canada Goose

“Some trouble has existed in Mr. Glenn’s family for some time, and these several parties have mixed themselves up in that which was none of their business,” the Times commented. “Mob law is no way to settle a quarrel, and certainly not a family one, and it is hoped that should these parties prove that they are innocent of all complicity in the dastardly deed, it will be a pointed for them. to strictly mind their own business. If the parties are guilty, they will have to take their gruel as best they may, and which they richly deserve.”

canada goose clearance Brush bank hold up canada goose clearance

canada goose deals In 1916, two armed bandits entered the Stockman’s National Bank in Brush as it opened, guns drawn, forced the three canada goose clearance sale employees to lie face down and robbed the bank of $8,000. They locked the employees in the vault and escaped. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale However, the vault had a rear passage, and the employees ran out the back, and shot after the fleeing bandits, but none were hit. One bandit jumped a fence, crossed Brush’s main street, and disappeared. The second disappeared. All of Brush was instantly aroused by the burglar alarm in the bank. canada goose clearance sale

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Crime spree after jail escape

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There are a lot of wedges and opportunities

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His gifts were such that he soon earned a reputation as

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You want to take a picture that stands out from the rest and

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