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Israel says replica bags the security measures around Nabi Saleh, which has a population of about 500, and other areas are necessary to prevent the kind of attacks that Palestinians have recently carried out in Jewish settlements across the West Bank.In the hours after Tamimi’s arrest in December, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that the teen and her parents would not “escape from what they deserve” and that anyone who was “wild during the day would be arrested at night.”But in the hours after her release from prison, Tamimi sitting in the courtyard of her home said Sunday that she “knew a long time ago” that she would be arrested for “choosing this path” of opposition to the Israeli occupation. Her eight month sentence was the result of a plea deal struck to avoid a lengthy trial, her attorney said.Israel has occupied the West Bank since it captured the land in a 1967 war. Over the decades, it has built numerous settlements that crisscross land the Palestinians claim for a future state, including in places such as Nabi Saleh, which borders the Israeli outpost Halamish.As she spoke to reporters, Tamimi’s light, unruly curls fell over her black and white checkered scarf, long an emblem of Palestinian nationalism.

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