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Over the years the mehndi ceremony has changed to keep up with the times. Currently, families go all out to hiring for the best mehndi home services for the ceremony. Brides have also now become more demanding, asking for Arabic designs canada goose outlet london and Indo Arabic designs.

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canada goose store Bal love for nature inspired embroidery is quite well known; remember this stunning number Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was spotted wearing? Growing up in Kashmir, Bal was surrounded by natural beauty and this inspiration often finds way into his creations. But with this collection, we know that he is the master of making two over the top prints work together, like in the case of this black lehenga with oversized flowers paired with a jacket that had delicate lilies on it. Or the Mughal inspired design on this dark green skirt is a fitting ode to the many Mughal gardens of Srinagar.. canada goose store

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